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Presented by FCT Foundation

FCT Certification Course-Demonstration

This course is for demonstration purposes only and is not intended for FCT Trainees. If you are a FCT Trainee and you have been enrolled in the course please contact your supervisor immediately.

Modules in the Course:
Non Disclosure
Unit 0 Welcome to FCT
Unit 01A Intro to Organization
Unit 01B Ethics
Unit 1C: Becoming an Effective Member of a High Performing Team
Unit 02 FCT Framework
Unit 03A part 1 Joining
Unit 03A part 2 Joining
Unit 03B EcoMaps
Unit 03B part 2 Ecomaps
Unit 3B Ecomap Video
Unit 03C Family Life Cycle
Unit 03D p1 Structural Family Assessment
Unit 03D p2 Structural Family Assessment
Unit 3D SFA Videos
Unit 04A Documentation
Unit 04B Family Centered Evaluation
Unit 04C Treatment Planning
Unit 04D MIGS Case Staffing
Unit 04E Safety
Unit 05A Restructuring
Unit 05B 1 Restructuring Enactments
Unit 05B part 2 Intervention Techniques
Unit 05C part 1 Trauma Treatment
Unit 05C part 2 Trauma Assessment
Unit 05C part3 Trauma Healing
Unit 06A Valuing Changes
Unit 06B Value Change Techniques
Unit 07 Generalization
Unit 08 Management Philosophy and Team
Unit 09 Use of Self
Unit 10 Tools
Unit 11 De-Escalation Tools
Unit 12 Working with Families
Unit 13 Overview